Thursday, 31 May 2012

Marc Faber Handicaps Chance of Global Recession at a Cool 100%


Dr. Doom is circling!  Marc Faber predicts a global recession in Q4 of this year or early 2013, putting this odds at a cool 100%.  He thinks investors are missing the point with their fixation on Europe (he’s recently commented that Europe’s real problem is too much state involvement, which I agree with).  Faber believes that slowdowns in China and India are the real threat to the global economy.

Faber believes the markets have already priced in a Eurobond and weaker Eurozone that still contains Greece (as reflected in the euro’s recent price declines).  At present, he does believe markets are oversold and due for a rally (same goes for the euro).

Here’s the full Marc Faber CNBC interview.


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  1. I know this guy likes the headlines, but really, China is not going into recession, Japan is no going into recession, and the US is doing just fine. The only laggard is Europe, but Europe is increasingly irrelevant (systemic shocks aside).